Wash Day

Ok, so this is by far my best wash day. What I enjoy about my regimen is that while I feel that it is strict, I’m still very unpredictable with my product use. It isn’t fun to me to use the same things weekly but to keep the same products in rotation as I want to stick with what works.

So I prepooed this time with HE Hydraliscious and Via Naturals cocoa butter oil and mixed a small amount of HE Long Term Relationship to thicken the mixture. It did make my hair “wetter” and mushier than normal conditioner prepoos. Honey I’m Strong didn’t leave me with the same effect… It actually left my hair softer while I was scared to touch my hair with the Hydraliscious.

I washed with my Millcreek Organics jojoba shampoo. I even had to lather twice and I don’t like doing that. But even after a second lather, my hair didn’t really feel clean. Ill have to reevaluate this. Not in a bad way though

I tea rinsed with my usual oolong and horsetail and left it in for a minute. My hair wasn’t even a little stiff…

I conditioned with my Millcreek Organics jojoba conditioner.

I DCed with my Silk Dreams Avocado Butter. I love this conditioner. I used it under the steam and after the war of sweat and steam won, I rinsed this out. Yummy.

Last, as a final rinse, I used some of the Roux porosity control to try this stuff out. Left it on for barely 30 seconds and rinsed. I found it weird that my hair felt kind of “stiff” and “hard” but since I rinse with cold water I’m already used to it. I didn’t think anything of this feeling, just hoped this new product wouldn’t lead me to a suggestion box full of regrets…

I applied my BWC leave-in (this stuff is awesome, especially if you have bone straight hair) and finally used my Giovanni Vitapro leave-in. Too many new things going on.

So as I am detangling, I realize 2 things. 1. Detangling was a breeze. I mean my arms hurt because my hair is not that short but not much effort was put into combing. 2. The porosity control caused my hair to dry faster at room temperature which led me to speeding through my rollersetting process. That’s a good thing.

So I take out my rollers and its bouncy curls. The best thing I enjoyed about this wash day was that the Roux far exceeded my expectations. Usually when I wash, I look in the mirror and my hair always seems likes a big mess. So I get the scissors so I can feel better. Probably a reason why I am still BSB/BSL length after a year on this journey and I started out at APL. But it’s ok. I think the PC caused my hair to act better because it even lays right now and falls nicely. The Vitapro was good as well, just wish I had more shine.

I did a strand test and my strands not only didn’t pull or break but they resisted stretch. That’s how much stronger it was. I think I might try this again next week and determine if this is right for me.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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