Journey to the Center of My Back Volume 5-Half Way Mark… Relaxer Hump

So, I’m halfway a my relaxer mark. I am at 6-7 weeks. I’m past 6 weeks but will be 7 weeks this week. I didn’t even know I was that far along. This time I’m stretching to 12 weeks, something that was normal for me all last year before my journey but something that hasn’t happened for me this year yet. I remember when 12 weeks was like nothing to me, but once I started doing my own hair, like most, it takes a while to get used to so you do things slowly.

So I’m at the middle and I have 5 more weeks to go. I figure if it becomes too much or I start to see breakage then I will relax but for now, its not to bad. My only problem is that I have big hair. I kind of don’t like it, but I could see myself liking it once my hair gets longer. I was looking at picture of my previous relaxer and my hair was so smooth. I’m always worried that my hair will under process when I relax because that’s happened to me this past year and that how I became the accidental texlax. More than likely I can achieve those results again, but this root lift is crazy.

I have to start moisturizing this NG but the interesting thing about not having bone straight hair is that you have less breakage during stretches. Like WAY LESS! Probably because there is not much difference in the strand size. When I first started my journey and I had a lot of breakage I would look at demarcation breakage and shed hairs and really see how processed my hair was in comparison to my natural hair. I really don’t want that anymore. I really miss bone straight hair but when I weigh the pros and cons, textured process hair beats bone straight any day.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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