Wash Day

So I’m happy to say that today was a good wash day. I am very pleased with the results and I can’t help but to feel any other way. Here goes:

First I pre-pooed overnight with the HE Honey Im Strong and my hot oil of coconut, olive, castor, sweet almond and avocado oil all mixed together. When I rinsed my hair was so smooth I wanted to stop right there… But I couldn’t 😦

Next I clarified. I deduced that 6 weeks might be a bit long to wait to clarify, but during my previous relaxer stretch, it seemed my hair did not like clarifying as much. I don’t care to do it often as my hair dries out quick.

Next, I washed once with my Millcreek Organics Jojoba Shampoo. My first time trying this. I have no opinion yet as I used it after clarifying but my hair was soft and was easy to detangle for the next step

Then I did my tea rinse with oolong and horsetail. I will probably stick to this mixture as I really like its results and have been very please with shedding, no breakage and increased thickness and strength. Love it! Left it on for a minute. It didn’t harden (big flat plus) or clump and I used warmer to body temperature water this time to tea rinse which I think made a difference. Letting it sit out makes it too cold.

Next I deep conditioned with KeraPro restorative intensive treatment. I sat under my heating cap with a plastic bag over my head and laid in my bed for about 30-40 minutes with it in. I was just tired.

Then I rinsed with cool water and used the Millcreek Organics Jojoba Conditioner and left it in for a few minutes. Very nice. Rinsed that with cool water.

Went to rollerset with my BWC leave-in and Aveda Light Elements.

As I rollerset I showed my cousin my two different textures just to make sure I was not bugging out. I showed her before and after I rollerset and what I like is that with my hair that is not fully processed, it still dries nice and straight.

I put it in a bun just to go outside. I can’t wait to wrap it up tonight.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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