One goal completed

I took this picture a few days after a wash day.

Ive had bangs for about 5 years now. My biggest complaint is that my bangs were too big, as in too much hair was cut to give me bangs, and that they grow too fast. It always annoyed me too that my bangs were always the healthiest hair on my head IMO.

In August, I cut an inch of hair. My bangs were at my nose and I cut them to my upper eye lids. It was a lot of bangs. So in October or November, I noticed that my bangs were back to my nose. I set a new hair goal; to not cut my bangs, just trim when necessary and let them grow out. I wanted to finally stop having to wear pins to hold down my bang and just put it in my ponytail. December, it happened.

My bangs are down to my mouth now. IDK, that almost 3 inches of growth since August. I wish I would have set this goal in the beginning of may hair journey as with the 3 times I have had to cut my hair, my bangs could be at my neck right now #shrugs Anyway, I am happy to say my bangs fit in my ponytail (not the bun yet) and I dont have to wear those clips anymore. I thought Id be wearing them until February, but I guess not. Now back to other goals.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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