Random Nothing’s About Hair

I’m just going to use so deep conditioning time to address some hair myths I was told and what I think about them.

1. Black hair doesn’t grow. Just rubbish

2. My hair wouldn’t grow past shoulder length. I believed this for a while. Little did I know salons were the reason.

3. I need I grease my scalp to keep it from being dry. I always hated grease and never understood the purpose, but people would make me seem like I wasn’t black if I didn’t do it.

4. Black people don’t use white people products. So I’m supposed to use products that dry out my hair and make it feel dry then heavy instead of products that give my hair movement. Get over yourself!

5. You have to go to the salon to train and treat your hair. When people use products from containers with no product information, you should question that. Even worse is when I’ve seen people go into beauty supply stores an buy these shampoo and conditioners in bulk, and it will be a gallon or two of each for like 8-9 bux and if think “that’s what’s being put into my hair. The item for the cheapest price”

6. If you take care of your own hair, it will fall out. Just stop it.

7. Cutting your hair makes it grow. And this happens how?

8. You have to relax every 6-8 weeks or your hair will fall out. I’ve been relaxing every 10-12 weeks for the longest and I’ve noticed improved health.

9. Growth aides don’t work. Umm, they kinda do. They aid in feeding the scalp instead of letting the body do all the work. That’s why it’s called a growth AIDE.

10. Braids make your hair grow. Just stop right now.

Be healthy and stay aways from the stigmas and myths.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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