So I am preparing for my wash day (you should too!) and I am deciding whether I want to dry condition or use my hot oil. This thing is, whenever I do dry conditioning, I feel like my hair looses its luster during the week. Whenever I do hot oils prior to washing, my hair stays pretty well manageable during the week. It reminds me that it is a major reason why I stopped dry conditioning in the first place. I prefer the after results (they are great) but during the week, I have to pray my hair stays well lol. It also make my ends frizzier during the week and while I love moisturized hair…. I need stronger hair. 
I will also be making my horsetail and oolong tea tonight as I am really loving tea rinses. When I did it when doing a hot oils, I was sad washing my hair again, but when I did it with dry conditioning, well, lets say right now I do not want to step out the house. Im not sure, but perhaps dry conditioning will be better for me when Im using more direct heat as all my heat usage is indirect. 
As per the picture provided, I use regular Olive Oil that I also use to cook. The Khoret Amen is cool, but I dont use CD products as much any more. My Avocado Oil is from either Dr. Adorable sold by Kessil2000 on ebay (Good Quality Products) but I prefer Now Products as shown by the Castor and Sweet Almond Oil. The 16-ounce Now brand Avocado Oil is just hard to find as I can only find it on Amazon though it sells out quick and one natural foods store that I found by accident at a decent price, but it’s located in manhattan and that is a bit of a commute (especially if I am not at work) from home. Otherwise, I refuse to buy Avocado in small sizes. My Coconut Oil is either form Spectrum (unrefined), Nutiva or Vitamin Shoppe. These are the only brands I trust as they are all unrefined. 
Once I ran out of the Avocado Oil in the picture, I now use it as my bottle to mix my oils in and it store it for use. Outside of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, this allows me to use less oil at one time, so I can go through 12-oz of my mix in 3 washes and not 8-oz in one like my old DC jar. I can use that to make my own body scrubs 😉
One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S. 


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