New Products

So this past weekend, my cousin came over for me to do her hair. Somehow, I convinced her of going on a hair journey about 3-4 months ago because she was complaining of the same problems as me with going to salons. So she started buying products and bought me her bag and told me to use whatever I felt was necessary ::smiles::

So I see Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship and I’ve been hearing so much about their products. So I washed, medium protein (keraphix) and then smoothed her hair with the HE LTR prior to DC and her hair felt AMAZING!!!! So I decided to give this a try. I have used HE way before it was mainstream and I loved it. I gave it up due to the usual suspects aka black folk and now I am glad it back and still strong.

Hello Hydration has coconut (my hair is smiling), orchid flower and corn silk. Honey I’m strong has one of my favorite love your body long time ingredients, honey (I smile) and apricot which is a really good moisturizing oil. Apricot is an oil that I have learned is really good to my hair and is not heavy at all.

Because they have a small amount of cones, I will probably use them as pre-poos. I normally dry poo during the winter for moisture (NY is so hard on hair during summer and winter) and hot oil in the summer for strength. Now that I am incorporating tea rinses I may be able to do both. For now I will use HE as a pre-poo and I’m sure I will love it. It is cheaper than Shea moisture and more watery which means my hair will draw more moisture and strength from both.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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