Random Nothing’s About Hair

My sister somehow finds a way to ask me of I’ve tried some “method” of hair growing. My answer is usually “yes”. As I shake my head, I look at that as a good thing. Can’t preach what I haven’t practiced right?

Here is something new I am willing to try: Green House Effect or GHE. This method promises organic hair growth through the use of your own body heat. Pretty much if you don’t know how it works, you create a steaming effect with your hair by sleeping with a shower/conditioning/plastic cap over the hair and the steam opens the pores allowing natural sebum to be released and feeding the hair to allow it to grow longer faster. You also have to coat the hair with oil every night you do this. Real Queens explains how she was able to grow and retain 10 inches in one year. She has two regimens in which she says can be incorporated into your regimen.

So after reading about this, clearly my next question is can I do this on this relaxed head of mine. I stopped COwashing back in the summer because it was unnecessary, too much manipulation and haven’t felt the need to be bothered with it. I prefer not to, so any challenge I try that says to cowash, I just ignore. It also say to wash 1-2x a month. I really cannot do that. I also can’t do airdried hair because I won’t touch it and though I only rollerset and wear buns, I need to so enough manipulation during the week to keep up with natural shedding. When I don’t comb my hair throughout the week, on wash days I feel like I’ve done something wrong though I haven’t all due to not combing. I also am not putting a ton of oil in my hair.

So what is the solution. Incorporate it into my regimen. How’d I do this. I decided that if I wrap my hair in my satin scarp, because its thinner, cover with my plastic cap and then cover that with my silk scarf, that would be sufficient. It really was. I usually do not use my satin scarf because it leave my hair flatter than silk, but I didn’t want to wake with super damp hair. I got a headache after an hour (some people did complain of this) and my head was hot that night. I woke up the next morning I take my wrap out and the picture provided was what I experienced. My hair was more flowy and moisturized (due to th dampness). It also was more manageable. I don’t hate it. For now, I will do this 3-4 days a week, but I do see why oiling they hair is recommended. I will keep it up and document how it goes.

Side note, my hair is currently BSL

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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