Wash Day

So today was my wash day which normally happens on Sunday. I washed today instead because my Sunday plans are kind of iffy and I hate being caught with off guard hair. I’m sorry, but the only things you should be caught without in public is care and make-up. Everything else needs to be up to par.

So the winter wreaks havoc on my poor strands. It’s takes a while to dry out as I have normal to thick strands. For a couple weeks my hair has been shedding unusually more. I didn’t know why but the only two things I have done differently are using aloe shampoo and tea rinsing…. So today I decided to switch back to my biotin shampoo and try the conditioner that compliments it. I also opted to dry condition as pre-poo instead of hot oil because like I said, my hair has finally become drier after more than a month of hard weather. I am learning that hot oil is better for me when the weather is at least 60 degrees. Lower and its conditioner.

I used my sprush to apply conditioner. I use Shea moisture restorative masque because my Aubrey Organics had not come yet. That is a large sized sprush and I don’t think I would ever use that size to apply relaxer. That size could make me use and apply extra 😦 the sprush made applying conditioner a breeze.

Next I washed 1x with the Millcreek Organics biotin shampoo. I only lather once because my hair gets hard with a second lather.

Now I was going to quit with the tea rinse, but then I decided “what if its the combination of tea and not just tea?” So I used oolong and horsetail. I was going to use horsetail anyway because I use horsetail in my hot oil and since I did not use a hot oil and Shea moisture does not have horsetail in their product (and I am not adding it) I figured the tea was the next best thing. Since using horsetail, my hair is stronger with better sheen and with a feel I thought only silicones could give you. It is so wonderful. So I used oolong tea and horsetail tea, left them in the container and poured them on my hair then rinsed with lukewarm water.

Next, I smoothed with my Millcreek Organics biotin conditioner. I was scared because this conditioner has KERATIN an COLLAGEN and I really do not feel like dealing with protein overload. Used it…. Smooth City. All Smiles :))))

Then I decided to use my Silk Dreams Avocado Pudding and sat under the steamer. My hair was like butter. I wish I had bought more of this conditioner. Actually I just might buy some when I finish this post. Definitely prefer it over Shea What! Deux. May become a staple and deserves a product review. Rinsed with cold water.

Rollerset with the usual suspects crece pelo and BWC leave-in. Detangling was a breeze.

My shedding went down dramatically and my hair was soft and smooth. My strands are smooth and I strand tested in which my strands are resisting pull. I can dig it!!! I dusted because I started a No Trim Challenge on hairlista and won’t trim, only dust, until march or may. Not sure but since I haven’t cut since August that makes my life simpler.

This is a regimen I won’t forget and will try to stick with.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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