Look Ma’ No Sock!!!

For as long as I can remember I never put socks in my bun. I also never used to wear buns unless my hair was blow dried or air dried as rollersetting gave my hair a deader appearance.

A year ago when I started my hair journey, I had no choice but to wear buns to hide my embarrassment over the fact that I was not retaining length. It led me to only wear buns because I did not want anyone to notice that my hairstylist had cut my hair yet again and that my hair was barely brazing APL. Soon after I started researching how to retain length, I learned that buns are protective styles. Soon, my embarrassment led to a new hairstyle 🙂

Here comes the jump. Like I stated before, I could never wear buns with my hair rollerset. But old habits do die hard and sometimes its better to modify behavior instead of changing it altogether. No sooner I started my hair journey, I realized my hair came out thicker with me doing it and so I could wear buns with smooth straight hair. Little by little my TWB (teeny weenie bun), not really that small though, became something I couldn’t handle anymore. Now this is what it looks like.

I do not wear scrunchies, just kinda twist it up and hold it with pins to keep it in place and from sagging. This past summer, a girl asked me if I had extensions. Pardon me for being flattered and insulted but when it comes to growing long hair, Morena’s Can Too!!! And so can you.

Make a goal and stick to it. This bun filled out in a year. Here’s to a year of more buns. Until next time…

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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