Tea Rinse

Last week I tried my first ever tea rinse. I had resisted tea rinses because I had read many places that black tea rinses make your hair hard. I was on LHCF and someone said she used oolong which doesn’t make the hair feel as hard. Then I remembered I had oolong in my kitchen cabinet because its taste sooooo awful and my fiancé and I put it out of sight until we thought of a way to make it taste better. Of course I refused to throw it out, it was not cheap.

So glad I pulled it down (yeah, it was that far out of sight). I don’t know what are the benefits of oolong tea, but I will say afterwards, my hair did not feel as hard, though it was a little hard, and I used it before my DC. My final results were very impressing. My hair was shinier, felt stronger and it bought out the natural red highlights in my hair. Also, my hair felt thicker and did not do that natural “dying” during the week. You know, when you do your hair and it just does during the week. Nah, didn’t happen.

So I was so impressed, I thought I would look into this more as I know the benefits of caffeine and tea for hair affect DHT and hair loss as well as decreasing natural shedding along with promoting the growth phase without increasing shedding. So cool!!! So I bought more teas. I already use horsetail extract but figured I would use the actual tea, with nettle which promotes growth and moisture and burdock which also promotes a yearly scalp. When I need other qualities in a tea, I will look into using them. The only other tea I am interested in is chamomile and it is conditioning for the hair. We will see how this goes!!!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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