So I was talking to one of my natural friends yesterday and she mentioned buying a seamless comb. Now, I’ve really wanted one because of snags but until I stop being so cheap I will just talk about the ones I have lol.

One of the combs I don’t have in this picture is my detangling comb in the shower. Otherwise, these are my combs and brushes. The wig brush, I stopped using about a year ago because one time, I actually saw how much hair accumulates in it after using it once to blow dry my hair. When you use this brush, you want to continue to brush with it and that is not good as it pulls out to much hair. You know when you go to the cleaners or you have that one family member who knows how to sew and they have that little soft pad that all the pins and needles are stuck it (and they look to be poking out like thorns)? That’s what this brush is for my combs. It just holds them there.

Next I have that brown shiny wide tooth comb. It scratches the scalp, so my fiancé uses it. He has straight oily hair and so it is much more use for him. I would have thrown it out but whatevs.

I have another brown dull comb and that is used during wash and sets along with the thinner comb for smoothing. However, that black long tooth comb took their jobs.

Last, there is an oversized black comb. That is my everyday comb. I have seen less hair coming out and breaking since using it.

One of my cousins told me she had to go out and buy a comb after seeing all my combs because I always have a comb that works for her. My other cousin (whose daughter I will feature from time to time) told me I was the reason she has so many combs. Before starting a hair journey, I thought to myself “what is the purpose for different sized combs?” That answer now is “keeping hair on my head!”

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


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