Hot Oil Treatment

A few years ago, when I started doing my hot oil treatments, I was actually using Carols Daughter Lisa’s Hair Elixir. I really liked it and it did help improve the condition of my hair at that time. I was faithful to that stuff as I had more growth and thicker hair thanks to it.

Later, I started to feel as if I needed something more. Don’t get me wrong, the hair elixir was great, but some oils are made for some purposes over others. I felt I needed something that would give my hair strength, reduce dryness, induce thickness and still promote a healthy scalp.

Now when I first came up with this oil mix, it was just because I liked the ingredients. Later, I found out that these oils had all these properties that are helping the overall improvement of hair from start to finish. Lets looks at my ingredients:
1. Coconut oil can penetrate the hair strand and attach to proteins so that protein is not lost when hair gets wet. Yes, protein is lost even when you just wet hair!
2. Olive oil is very moisturizing and can penetrate up to 25% into the hair strand. I used to (and still) hate this oil alone but in my treatment, thumbs up!
3. Avocado oil is filled with essential fatty acids and can penetrate the hair strand up to 25%. Avocado oil is a very good moisturizing oil and is especially recommended and beneficial for those with relaxed hair. This is expensive, especially for the large containers, but is worth every penny!
4. Sweet Almond Oil is a moisturizing oil that can penetrate the hair strand up to 25%. I feel like this oil is very underrated. It is really good at keeping hair moisturized and is a good sealing oil too. It is nutty, so if you have a nut allergy be careful. Otherwise, this oil should be part of a healthy hair regimen.
5. Castor oil is an oil that can thicken the strands. I only use a small amount in my hot oil, as I use 2 ounces of the other oils and 1 ounce castor oil. This oil just helps to thicken the oil. I read somewhere that castor oil leaves a kinds of film that allows particles to settle on the hair strand making it feel thicker. Hmmm… This is an oil that has antiungal properties as well as being able to promote hair growth. This fm business can stay with non-believers. Im keeping it forever. Btw, I have never found a difference in using dark over light. They are all thick and smell equally bad. If you want to incorporate them into a regimen, just make sure t is cold-pressed and minimally processed. There is a toxin in castor oil that HAS to be removed before its use so all castor oil has some kind of processing.

I add extracts if horsetail, neem, monoi, rosemary and lavender depending on my mood. Horsetail is always included. It adds silica and an unbelievable strength and feel to the hair. I would never give it up.

Since using this hot oil treatment, I have had decreased breakage and decreased dryness and less split ends. I won’t attribute hot oils to my overall hair health but from start to finish, it needs to be good and every step need a well thought out plan.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.

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