Wash Day

So today, I washed as every Sunday is a wash day for me. I was excited for this wash because I received my KeraPro intensive treatment conditioner yesterday and was eager to try it. Now I am about a week and a half post relaxer, but since I was supposed to do a light protein treatment, I figured I’d use this instead.

So I started with a prepoo of my personal mixture of coconut, olive, avocado, sweet almond, castor oils and extracts. I usually mix a large bottle of this to have for a few weeks and apply to my hair and sit under my heating cap for 30-45 minutes. Then I let my hair cool before washing.

Under warm water, I wash with Millcreek Organics Aloe Vera Shampoo. I only lathered once as I have learned that this shampoo makes my hair feel dry if I lather with it twice.

Next, I did a tea rinse with oolong. I think it was too cold as my poor head got brain freeze 😦 my hair felt hard but I remember an ACV rinse feel much worse and harsher on my hair. My hair was not as hard as I thought it would be but it still needed something.

Next, I followed up with my Millcreek Organics Aloe Vera Conditioner. Made my hair feel like butter. Like sweet creamy butta’. I didn’t even want to DC but, you know, I can’t doooo that!!!

Put the Kerapro in working from my ends up. This stuff soaks into the hair so I can easy see myself using a ton of this not know if it is working. Sat under my steamer with this for 15 minutes. It gets hot under there and I figure 15 minutes under steam is fine. My hair felt soft again but since I rinse with cold water, my hair usully gets hard a little again.

When I rinsed out the DC and uses the Millcreek again. Nice.

Last, I proceeded with my leave-in, heat serum of Aveda light elements and rollerset.

My hair came out fluffy with bouncy curls and full of life. I can see myself following this routine again. Until next time….

One Day, It Will Happen,
Tasia S.

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